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The club was formed in 1964 by a small band of Rover enthusiasts. P3s and P4s were of course the most popular models in the early years, soon to be joined by P5s and P6s etc. Membership is currently well over 200. The most popular model in our vehicle register used to be the P6 and P6B, but recently the SD1 and SEII series has taken over. We also have later models, such as the 800 series right through to the last Rover sold in Australia prior to the collapse of MG Rover, the facelift series 2 Rover 75. By having a numerically strong Club, we are assured of a ready supply of spares, especially for the older models, now and into the future.

The Club is, and has always been, run by enthusiastic amateurs in the true sense of the word and no member receives any remuneration for their efforts. Through the tireless efforts of members hard or impossible to obtain parts have been manufactured, especially those which would not be a commercial proposition. Liaison is maintained with other Rover car clubs both in Australia and overseas and professional re-manufacturers to ensure otherwise unobtainable items are considered.


Club events are held frequently. They include navigation rallies, economy and observation runs, barbeques and picnics and activities with other car clubs. We also arrange frequent visits to automotive related businesses and participate in the annual AOMC British and European Display day, amongst other organised events. The highlight of the Club's events is the bi-annual Concours D'Elegance. Every two years the Australian National Rove is held in a capitol city, the next Rove will be in Melbourne in 2008, hosted by the RCCA.

Club Library

The Club holds over 700 items in the Library for use by members and contains workshop and spare parts manuals for most models. It also contains technical books and magazines of interest to Rover owners. The Library is kept in the Club meeting rooms in Hawthorn. Material may be borrowed on meeting nights, or mailed to you (at your expense) if unable to attend. Borrowings are limited to one month unless prior arrangements are made with the Librarian. The Club is always looking to expand the Library, so donations will be gratefully received.

Club Publications

The Club publishes two magazines to keep members informed of the Club's activities and other Rover news. Viking Torque is produced quarterly, in the first week of March, June, September and December. Members are invited to submit articles and letters. Deadline for contributions is the second Friday of the preceding month (Club GM). Small Torque is published during other months, and lists the latest in Club events and news over the coming month. Small Torque Newsletter is also available to members via the internet in PDF format. Members are able to advertise cars and spare parts in the publications at no charge. Non members need to pay a small charge.

RCCA also publishes an annual Handbook which provides helpful information about the operation and services of the Club, including details of parts, colour charts and technical services. A vehicle register is also kept.


RCCA is a member of the Association of Motoring Clubs Inc. (AOMC) and several of the club's members have been active in their support of the Association's activities. RCCA is entitled to have delegates represent the Club at Association meetings and hold positions on the Association's Committee and sub-committees.

Club Permit Scheme

RCCA is an Authorised Club for the conduct of events for vehicles on Club Permits. The Club is authorised by Vic Roads Corporation under the Road Safety Act. All applications and renewals of Club Permits held by our members require the endorsement of the Club Secretary attesting to current financial membership.

The Club Permit Scheme exists to provide a more convenient and flexible system for the use of veteran, vintage, classic and historical vehicles. It provides for an alternative to full road registration as it allows owners to drive their vehicles on public roads to participate in club events or for specific private use.

For more details on the Vic Roads Club Permit Scheme see here.

Technical Officers

The Club's Technical Officers are members who have volunteered their time and expertise on particular models to be of assistance to other Club members. If you have a query regarding the repair of your car, cant find the right information in the repair manual, or just want to talk to someone on how to go about a particular repair, help is available. Technical help is available for P3, P4, P5, P5B, P6, P6B, SD1, SEII, Quintet, 800 and 75 series models.

Spare Parts

The Club maintains a fairly comprehensive stock of spare parts and service items, and has listings of equivalent parts for original items. Members can purchase or exchange new and used parts for most models either from the Club's extensive stock of parts, or direct with other Members through the Club's magazines or at meetings. Parts can often be obtained from interstate or overseas Rover Clubs. Details of spare parts are available on our Spares Page or from the Club's Spare Parts Manager.


The Club carries a wide variety of Club Regalia for sale to members at reasonable prices. Club radiator badges and apparel, windscreen stickers and other promotional items are available at Club Meetings or by mail from the Regalia Officer. A list of some of the Regalia available is on our Spares and Regalia Page.

Internet Discussion Group

For our internet connected members the Club has an Email Discussion Group set up with currently around 60 members participating in discussions about the Club and about Rovers in general. For many of our interstate members this provides a good opportunity to participate in Club activity, and also provides a good source of technical help when needed. This group is only open to financial members of the RCCA.

Membership Details

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