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Membership Fees


Financial Year Subscription Fees

The Financial Year for RCCA is from 1 July to 30 June each year. Fees are determined by the Committee each 12 months. The benefits of RCCA membership include a many and varied Events schedule, participation in Vic Roads Club Plate Scheme, an active Spare Parts and Regalia section, and access to the special tools necessary to keep our great cars on the road, with added benefits of Internet Discussion group participation for those who may live away from Melbourne and are unable to get to the monthly meetings.

For new members joining the RCCA there is also a Joining Fee as well as the Annual Subscription payable. For new members joining after the first quarter of the Club Year a pro rata rate is charged.

Membership Subscription Rates

For the year to June 30 2014, Membership subscriptions are currently set at:

City Members (Melbourne Directory Area) $52
Country & Interstate Members $44
New Members Joining Fee $20

For the Pro Rata quarterly rates applicable for new members joining during the Club Year, please see Membership Application Form for details.


Membership Application & Vehicle Registration Forms

For new members, a Membership Application Form can be downloaded by clicking here. It is in Adobe PDF format, and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see and print this form.

The Club keeps a data base of members' vehicles, so if you own a Rover it would also be appreciated if you could fill out the Vehicle Information Form for each of your cars and return it with your membership application. This form is also in Adobe PDF format and can be downloaded by clicking here.


Club Name Badge

The RCCA encourages members to wear name badges at Club events and meetings. Name badges are available at the cost of $8.00 each. If you would like to order a name badge at the time of joining the Club in addition to completing the membership details please tick the appropriate box on the Application Form. The badge will be available to pick up at a Club General Meeting or if requested can be posted to you.


Please complete the forms and either post along with your cheque/money order to:

Rover Car Club of Australia Inc
PO Box 3114

or bring along to a Club General Meeting.

Please do not send cash by mail, if paying by cash, it would be appreciated if you could come along to a General Meeting.


Existing Members Renewal Form

For members renewing their membership please contact the Membership Secretary.



Spare Parts and Regalia

The ability to purchase Spare Parts, including Club remanufactured parts, and Club Regalia is a benefit of Club membership and so only available for financial members of RCCA.

See our Spare Parts & Regalia Page for details of what is available and order forms.




VicRoads Club Plate Scheme

A revised "Club Permit Scheme" has been introduced as from 1 February 2011, changes introduced include ability for Club Vehicles to use the road for any purpose for up to 90 or 45 days within the permit period and which now is logbook based. As a result Car Clubs, including RCCA, will be subject to a more formal process of accountability for the proper operation of the scheme.

VicRoads commenced distribution of Logbooks for those CPS vehicles due for renewal from February. There are Regulations that cover the operation of the scheme. The AOMC has prepared some explanatory notes on the Regulations which can be downloaded from here:

Under the new scheme permit holders will no longer be restricted to club sanctioned activities when using their vehicles. Vehicles will be able to be used at any time for any purpose. However, they will be restricted to a total of 90 days use a year.

More details can also be found on VicRoads website:


Including a downloadable pdf brochure:


Please be aware, any Club Permit Scheme vehicles that are used outside the scope of "hobby or recreational" use, which is the spirit of the CPS, risk damaging the image of the CPS and the club concerned in the eyes of the authority.



The Vic Roads Club Permit Scheme is designed to allow the occasional use of vehicles which qualify under the rules of the scheme.

The Rover Car Club of Australia Inc is an approved club under this scheme and its members may apply to the committee to have their vehicle included in the scheme. The club expects members with a vehicle on club plates to purchase from the RCCA a copy of the Club Permit Scheme Handbook.

Where a member wishes to have a vehicle included onto the scheme they will be required to get a Certificate of Roadworthiness for the vehicle and complete a Vic Road’s "Club Permit Application".

These must then be submitted to an approved club officer to be signed and verified.

Please note the club requires a photocopy of the club permit application and RWC for club records.

New permit holders must inform the Club Permit Administrator of their new plate number when issued. Only financial members of the Rover Car Club of Australia Inc will be allowed to place a vehicle onto the club permit scheme. If a member’s financial status lapses then the club will advise Vic Roads to have that permit cancelled.

The Club understands that some members may have vehicles other than a Rover that they would like to include in the scheme. These may be added to the register of vehicles on the permit scheme under the Rover Car Club of Australia Inc but only if that financial member has a minimum of one other vehicle that is a Rover model also included on the scheme or shown to be on full registration.

Members will abide by the rules of the scheme as advised by Vic Roads and the guidelines for acceptance set down in this document. Any Members found to be in breach of the Rules and Guidelines may have their permit cancelled if a suitable resolution is not reached after consultation with the Committee.

If a question is raised about the safety or roadworthiness of a vehicle the club may at its discretion request that a member obtain a Roadworthy Certificate for that vehicle to show that it complies with the standards required to be driven on the roads.

If a vehicle is taken off the road for an extended period of time or becomes unsafe to be driven on the road the member will advise the Club Permit Administrator within 14 days. Any vehicle on club plates that has been off the road for 5 years or longer must present a RWC to the club before returning to the road.

If a vehicle is sold or otherwise disposed of the Member will return the plates to Vic Roads and destroy the log book unless the vehicle is sold to another RCCA member.

No Club or Committee member will be responsible for determining if a vehicle is safe to be driven on the road. Only a valid Certificate of Roadworthiness will be accepted to show the safe condition of a vehicle.

The RCCA will maintain a register of CPS vehicles, available to Vic Roads upon request.

August 2011




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