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Rover P6/P6B Chassis Rail Strengthening Modification Kit

The P6/P6B Chassis rail repair kit is now available to members. This kit has been developed to offer a durability enhancement to the chassis rail of, especially,  P6B models equipped with power steering.

The design of the kit has been supervised by an automotive engineer approved by VicRoads. A prototype kit was installed and deflection tests carried out under his supervision. The kit, which covers both the right and left hand chassis rails, comes with comprehensive illustrated fitting instructions and is reasonably priced.

It is recommended that an experienced welder install the kit, and the Club is able to recommend such a person.

We welcome inquiries from members of Interstate Rover Clubs. For more information contact the Webmaster.



Notice from VicRoads

VicRoads has received a number of enquiries recently concerning the use of vehicles issued with Club Permits operating outside of the conditions of the Club Permit Scheme. The following information is provided for the interest of motoring club members.

The Club Permit Scheme allows the members of VicRoads approved clubs to use their vehicles for a low cost that reflects the limited use of their vehicles.

Vehicles issued with Club Permits can only be used on a highway in connection with official activities organised by or under the auspices of an approved club, and in preparing the vehicle for such club activities. There is also a provision for a club to issue a 'Special Use Authorisation' so that members can use their vehicles for 'one-off' activities such as a family wedding providing there is no commercial gain associated with this use.

Any use of a vehicle issued with a Club Permit outside of these conditions can lead to the vehicle operator being issued with an infringement notice for owning or using an unregistered vehicle which carries a fine of $500.00. Furthermore, it is also an offence for a person to knowingly pay the incorrect transport accident charge.

Where a veteran, vintage or classic and historic vehicle is intended to be used beyond that permitted under the conditions associated with the Club Permit Scheme, full road registration is required under the Road Safety Act 1986.

Further information concerning the Club Permit Scheme can be obtained from your respective motoring club official. Information relating to full road registration is available from VicRoads Telephone Information Service on telephone number
13 11 71.


As of January 2010 VicRoads is reviewing changes to the Victorian Club Permit Scheme. The current status of these changes can be monitored on their Website here:



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